Lexie's Village - A New Kind of Family (Signed by Author + Free Shipping & Bookmark)

Lexie's Village - A New Kind of Family (Signed by Author + Free Shipping & Bookmark)

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What would you do to have a family?

At 43, time was running out for Natalie Lovett. A demanding career, combined with a series of failed relationships, and years of back pain meant her chances to have a child were rapidly diminishing. Instead of waiting for life to meet her needs, she decided to go it alone.

After numerous unsuccessful IVF attempts, Natalie was given devastating news: she could not carry her own biological child. Undeterred, she discovered egg donation and, at the age of 46, she miraculously gave birth to her precious daughter, Lexie.

Yet this was just the beginning of her extraordinary journey.

In Lexie’s Village - A New Kind of Family, Natalie shares her deeply personal mission to provide siblings for her daughter. By donating her unused embryos to other childless parents, she hoped to make their dreams come true. But by stipulating that they and their resulting children stay in touch, Natalie also created a family for her daughter and Lexie’s Village was born.

Some say it takes a village to raise a child. Through love, hope and determination, through joyous successes and agonising setbacks, Natalie and her close‑knit community are choosing to make that village a new kind of family.

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