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Announcing the long-awaited launch of ‘Lexie’s Village – A New Kind of Family’ – a deeply personal memoir sharing one woman’s extraordinary journey to motherhood and her idea that expands everything we believe about families.

Natalie Lovett was at the end of the line.

Single, 46 years of age and with eggs deemed no longer viable after five years of failed IVF attempts, it seemed that her lifelong dream of motherhood was not to be.

Taking a leap of determination and faith, Natalie travelled to the other side of the world to create embryos using both egg and sperm donations in a Californian fertility clinic. Miraculously, her first embryo transfer resulted in a positive pregnancy. Natalie brought her daughter Lexie into the world nine months later.

After a short time, she had a big decision to make. What should she do with the twenty-five remaining embryos frozen in the US? She could destroy them, donate them to science or donate them to others. Understanding fertility struggles first hand, Natalie chose to donate to others.

She began her search for embryo recipients with one critical clause: that the resulting families agree to stay in contact, building an extended family for their biologically related children.

In September 2015, ABC’s ‘Australian Story’ aired ‘Lexie’s Village’, an episode that covered Natalie’s journey and the path to pregnancy for her first embryo recipient, Fiona. More than eighteen months later, Natalie still receives an outpouring of public gratitude for sharing her story. The demand for a book that detailed Natalie’s journey and the evolving story of the village, become very clear.

Launched in Oct 2017, ‘Lexie’s Village – A New Kind of Family’ is that book.

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"You won't be able to put this book down. A magnificent story of now, and I challenge you not to cry." Nikki Gemmell

“A courageous personal account of the toll of IVF treatment, and the surprises, challenges and rewards of embryo donation.” Distinguished Professor of Health Law, Jenni Millbank, UTS

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