Natalie Lovett

Natalie Lovett

Natalie Lovett has over twenty years of experience in marketing, sales and consulting. She held a number of executive positions and worked at Facebook’s Australian office for over seven years before retiring from the corporate life to her home office to spend more time with her family and to follow her passion.

She swiftly established Lexie’s Village Publishing, an organisation devoted to producing literature that fosters an open environment of awareness, education and acceptance of fertility issues and Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). Lexie's Village Publishing creates educational content on egg and sperm donation, surrogacy and embryo donation and resources for donor children, their parents and anyone interested in the spectrum of family structures.

Natalie is the proud sole parent to her egg and sperm donor daughter, Lexie. They share their Sydney home with a puppy named Kizmo.

Co-writer Gemma Davies

Gemma Davies is a professional writer, writing coach, creative consultant and single parent to her son, Ari.

With an eclectic background in English Literature, Comparative Religion, Botanical Medicine and Nutrition, Gemma takes on many projects ranging from creative collaborations and copywriting to research-based academic curriculum and technical material.

Gemma and Natalie worked together over an 18 month period to create 'Lexie's Village - The Story of a New Kind of Family' through intensive interviewing, frequent brainstorming, combined literary forces and many late-night phone calls.

Learn more about Gemma, her projects and her passions at

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"You won't be able to put this book down. A magnificent story of now, and I challenge you not to cry." Nikki Gemmell

“A courageous personal account of the toll of IVF treatment, and the surprises, challenges and rewards of embryo donation.” Distinguished Professor of Health Law, Jenni Millbank, UTS

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